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Spring Refresh and Save

Spring Refresh and Save


April 20


Written by Mal Schmitz  (@my_teachermom_life)



Spring is definitely in the air!! I don’t know about you but I couldn’t be happier! It’s been a long winter so with spring right around the corner it’s a great time to revamp and refresh. We often think about refreshing our homes by doing some spring cleaning and redecorating but I’m going to share another way to refresh for spring.

Let’s spring into spring by refreshing our diets and wardrobes while keeping our wallets light.

As we enter into spring, the sun restores so much life back into everything. We can feel the sun rays beaming down on us and bringing the warm weather. We have more sunlight throughout the day which makes our day feel a little bit longer. The warmer weather and brighter days always makes me want to eat a little lighter. I’m ready to dish the heavy and cozy dishes of winter and swap them for something light and fresh. With more daylight I also feel like I can spend more time cooking, as I don’t feel rushed to feed my family with quick meals. When spring hits we tend to spend more time prepping and cooking together as a family.

To refresh your diet this spring, say hello to seasonal fruits and veggies. Eating with the season is a great way to introduce delicious and healthy additions to any meal. By picking items that are in season it will also help you save a little money on your next grocery bill. Along with great picks for fresh fruit and veggies, I always find great deals at Walmart.

Spring is a great time to get outside and have fun together as a family. Walmart, Dollarama and Party City have some great (and inexpensive) items for some outdoor fun. I love taking my little one to pick out some fun outdoor play items without feeling like I’ve spent a lot. So grab a kite, or a skipping rope, or some sidewalk chalk (once the snow melts) or all of these and get outside to enjoy the beautiful weather but more importantly some valuable time together.

After fun in the spring sun and burning off some energy a healthy snack is a great way to end the day. We like to pop into Booster Juice for one of their famous smoothies or smoothie bowls. Our favorites are Funky Monkey, Mango Hurricane and The Original. I also love the Sweet Greens Bowl. It’s a nice way to switch up my order and keep the delicious taste.

And now on to my favorite part of spring – the fashion! Refreshing a wardrobe can be expensive but it definitely doesn’t have to be. Winners and Marshalls always have the greatest deals and the best finds. The perfect combo for a spring refresh.

Here are a few of the hottest trends for spring and some simple ways to incorporate these into your wardrobe without having to spend a lot.

Bright and Bold

Bright and bold colors are HUGE this season. Just as it’s starting to get bright and colorful again outside so is fashion. If your closet is filled with mostly neutral colors, now is a great time to add in some bold, vibrant colors. Fuchsia, lime green and purple are particularly “in” right now. And while head to toe color blocking is definitely on trend, incorporating that much color might be overwhelming to some. So instead of buying a revamped wardrobe full of color, start small and save. Try adding pops of color. A bright colored top, bag or shoes are great ways to have some fun with color this spring.

A little shopping tip from me to you: Winners and Marshalls organize their bag section by color which is a great place to start when it comes to giving this trend a try. And while we’re on the top of color, be sure to keep your eyes open for the red clearance sticker!

Mini Skirt Suits

Introduce (or reintroduce) this hint of elevated nostalgia intro your wardrobe this season. This throwback to the 90s is feminine and sophisticated but cool and classic all at once. As the weather warms up, we are ready to bear our bare legs again and a cute mini skirt is a super trendy way to do so. While matching co-ordinates are often what we think of when we hear suit, feel free to mix and match (and likely save). Check your closet first, likely you have a blazer that could easily be paired with a mini skirt to give this trend a try. Finding new ways to use what we already have in our closet saves money and keeps down the clutter.

A little shopping tip from me to you: of the two items the mini skirt is definitely the less expensive one. Winners and Marshalls have great selections, and many are under $30! If you are in the market for a blazer, Winners and Marshalls carry designer brands that are amazing quality (and about half the actual price).

Elevated shapes

The bigger the better seems to be the trend right now. This spring trend is all about experimenting with shape and volume. Add this super fun way to play with fashion by trying puff sleeves, wide leg pants or balloon hems. There’s something airy and romantic about this trend (just like spring!)

A little shopping tip from me to you: Winners and Marshalls put their newest trending styles on the front racks and they are usually organized by price point.


The last trend for this season challenges us to embrace the negative space. Cutout tops, dresses and jumpsuits are very in right now. Don’t be scared to show some skin in a tasteful and beautiful way. From little belly peeps, to side cutouts or fully backless pieces there are many different options for this trend that really depend on your comfort level. So dare to bare this spring.

A little shopping tip from me to you : jumpsuits and dresses are two styles that I’m loving to see this trend in. Side cutouts on a maxi dress and tie backs on a jumpsuit look so pretty. And with the extra fabric because of the full length of these you don’t feel like you are overly exposed.


There’s a reason why this trend continues to pop up for spring. Florals are classic. They’re cheery and fun which is exactly what we need after a long and cold winter. A light and airy floral dress is always a great must have item for spring and what’s even better is that one simple dress can offer endless style possibilities. A floral dress paired with a plain tee or sweater and sneakers for a more casual look. For an edgier, evening out look, pair a floral dress with a leather jacket and booties. Or keep it simple, a floral dress on its own is the perfect spring look.

A little shopping tip from me to you: Pick a color from your floral pattern and match that with a second piece (like a tee, sweater or blazer). Pairing your dress with a second item is a great way to add in that pop of color we previously talked about.

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