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Self-Care in Grasslands


November 30th

There are unlimited ways to practice self-care and really it should be practiced every day. Getting sleep, setting boundaries, learning to say no, drinking enough water, exercise and the list goes on! Just thinking about the many ways to care for yourself can already seem a bit overwhelming. So where is the best place to start?

Massage Experts

Start where you are! Ask yourself what you’re in need of right now? When I asked myself this, I immediately thought of getting a massage. So, I booked my appointment with Massage Experts at Grasslands and the owner Raquel suggested for me to try Hot Stone massage. I had no idea how soothing it would be! The Hot Stone Massage is a unique technique using heated smooth and flat stones that left me with an overall relaxing experience.  If you haven’t tried it for yourself, I highly recommend it!

Romantic Nails & Spa

Another great way to pamper yourself at Grasslands is visiting Romantic Nail salon. Your hands and feet never take a day off so don’t forget to take care of them too! As the saying goes, a great pedicure is soothing to the soul and to the SOLE.

Bath & Body Works

Last, but not least! If you haven’t heard Bath and Body Works has opened a new location here in Grasslands and that definitely calls for a SELF CARE HAUL! Bath and Body Works routinely have deals that include buying multiples to save more and now is a great time to buy as the hunt for Christmas gifts have begun. During my visit all the body care was 6 for $36! So, I scored some amazing products from the Aromatherapy Collection to continue the self-care at home and the rest are ready to wrap for Christmas gifts! Who doesn’t love a spritz of Eucalyptus & Lavender mist on your pillow before going to bed?

I hope you all make the time to care for yourself between the hustle and bustle that this upcoming season brings. Remember an empty lantern provides no light. Self-Care is the fuel that allows your light to Shine.

Take care and Keep Shining friends,

Raiza Ocampo


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