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More than just “Mom”

More than just “Mom”


May 3rd, 2024

She’s more than just “mom”; she’s our personal chef, teacher and tutor, party planner, chauffer-on-demand, personal stylist, coach and instructor, chief financial officer… You get it, the list goes on forever!

On top of these different hats that moms wear (that are basically the same thing as having multiple full-time jobs), moms are a source of comfort and familiarity. She’s seen us at our best and worst, and everything in between. She’s proudly stood in the crowd when we won 1st place at the science fair, and shook her head and chuckled when we failed our driver’s exam for the third time and counting (sorry for the extra grey hair, mom!). She’s watched us fall in love and build a family, and shared her first-hand experience when we needed a listening ear about our partner not taking out the trash.

So, how can we celebrate this incredible super-human who does it all for us? Here are a few ways you can show the mom in your life that you love and cherish her, right here in Grasslands:

Gifts from mom’s children: get creative 

It’s no secret that moms love a gift hand-crafted by their kiddos. Grab some art supplies from Dollarama or Walmart and get creative! Some fun ideas include a popsicle-stick picture frame, or a colorful and customized “friendship” bracelet or keychain (we love: “I ❤️ U MOM”)!

Gifts from mom’s partner: get sentimental

Moms love gifts woven in memory. Find her favourite luxurious fragrances at London Drugs, and spark cherished memories through her senses. Or, make a statement and create a new memory with a piece of jewellery from Bellezza Moda.

Gifts from mom’s sister or friend: get indulgent

Treat your bestie mom to a spa day. Massage Experts has a range of options from deep-tissue to hot stone massages. Or, maybe she’s more of a beauty treatment gal – Romantic Nails and Spa offers a variety of services, including facials, lash extensions, and mani/pedis.

Gifts from mom’s mom: get heartwearming

Ignoring the tongue-twister, this gift guide is for the mom that’s gifting to her mom. How about a flowery gift that she can appreciate all summer long? The garden centre at RONA+ has the best gifts for your gardening mama. Or, maybe you’d like to treat her to brunch? Cora Breakfast and Lunch has a wide range of brunch staples that will fill her tummy and her heart.

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