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Coffee Made Right & Wine for the Night

Coffee Made Right & Wine for the Night


Wednesday, February 23



Coffee Made Right & Wine for the Night 


February is love month so I thought it would be a great time to gush about two of my loves . . . coffee and wine!!

As a busy mom and teacher, coffee often feels like one of my basic needs! I love Starbucks, that’s no question! But stopping to grab a coffee on my way to school doesn’t usually fit my morning routine. On weekdays, we try to get out the door for school as quickly as possible (not going to lie – this often means we’re running out the door in a bit of a rush) so coffee in a to-go mug is definitely my style! Thankfully, Starbucks ground coffee is the perfect way to skip the drive-thru and brew my coffee shop goodness at home. My favorite is the caramel flavored grounds with a bit of oat milk and I’m ready for the school day (and relatively on time too).


Coffee Fav’s

Cozy coffee dates to catch up with a friend always feel so good for the soul. So, while I’m chatting away, I like to sip on something that is equally cozy and good for the soul! My favorite warm, fuzzy, feel good coffee right now is the Pistachio Latte. There’s just something about the Pistachio Latte that truly feels like a hug in a mug. It’s perfect for those relaxing (and much needed) mid-morning coffee that often linger into the early afternoon coffee dates.

My weekend coffee order needs to hit different! The weekends are usually my time to run errands. When I’m out and about my go to grab is an Iced Caramel Macchiato. I know, I know – it’s still winter BUT having an iced coffee immediately makes me think of the carefree attitude of summer which seems to add an extra pep in my step, which I need as I’m running around the city. Here’s the thing, don’t let anyone tell you it’s too cold for an iced coffee – you do you!


Wine Fav’s

And now it’s time to uncork and WINE down with a few of my favorite wines from Willow Park Wines & Spirit.

Finding time to go on a date night with my husband isn’t something we get to do as often as we’d like. So instead, we opt for a cozy night in together. We like to toast to a romantic dinner for two with one of our favorite wines, Jam Jar. I’m fairly new to the red wine game but this shiraz is quickly becoming one of my favorites. It’s a little sweet and fruity but still has the warmth of a red which is perfect for a lovely night in.

We love getting together with our families, whether we’re hosting or arriving as invited guests, I always have a bottle of Jacob’s Creek Moscato in hand. It’s a never fail! This wine is so light and refreshing and always seems to be a crowd pleaser. It’s perfect for that pre-dinner sip and gab while finishing those final preparations before the meal.


Girls’ Night Wine

And finally, I’ve saved the best for the last. My favorite wine night of them all is a classic girls’ night. When it comes to an evening with me and my gal pals it always means rose. Just like iced coffee, rose is ALWAYS in season for me! Rose is definitely the perfect summertime wine, but I like to think that it’s more like a state of mind. On the top of my “yes way rose” list is Summer Water. This dry rose is literally made for summer sippin’ but don’t let the name throw you! I’ve had firsthand experience with this wine outside of its title recommendation and can confirm it is perfectly delicious throughout all of the seasons! So call the girls, pour the rose and let the happiest of hours begin! I don’t know much about wine pairings but I do know this – good friends + rose = the perfect pairing always!! This wine also comes in a bubbly for those who love that pop and fizz!

Cheers, my dears!



Written by Mal Schmitz

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