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Balikbayan Box on a Budget


September 14, 2022

Have you ever seen someone stock up on chocolates and treats when they’re on sale? Or what about a cart full of toothpaste, soap, and lotion? If you have, maybe you genuinely wondered to yourself, “what will be done with all that?” Many families around the world send gifts to their home countries. In the Filipino culture, we call this tradition the Balikbayan box! I have recently learned families from Jamaica have a similar ritual called sending “Barrels”! They entail the same concept of packages filled with pantry items, treats, and toiletries that are considered popular items to be sent back home, building a special connection and bridging the distance between us and our loved ones.

Did you know?

BALIKBAYAN means “returning to their homeland”. The Balikbayan Box is a parcel which is packed with hygiene products, pantry items, and treats. Even if some Filipinos working around the world aren’t able to “return home” to the Philippines for Christmas, they send the Balikbayan Boxes in their place to bridge the distance and longingness to be with one another. They’re typically sent in September in order to arrive in time for Christmas. It is a tradition of giving!

Sometimes the Balikbayan Boxes are also brought along with the “Balikbayan” returning to the Philippines. So, in the airport, you may see some families pushing around boxes instead of luggage.

Now let’s get to the deals:

My shopping trip from London Drugs retails at $163.90, but after price matches and Checkout 51 cash back offers, it all cost only $63.85. I want to share with you all how I got these deals so that you could use it towards your special packages, donations, or for your everyday family use! This is what my cart looked like with 35 items!

First step to savings is using the Flipp App. This is an amazing app where you can find all the digital flyers in your area to search sales and deals. I was already able to see what deals were available at London Drugs before visiting, but what makes this app BEYOND spectacular? It can be used to price match at stores that have an ad match policy such as London Drugs! This is exactly what I did. Just by showing the cashier a lower price on a valid flyer, the price was matched in store!

I love how London Drugs has a price match policy just as much as I love how friendly and efficient the London Drugs staff are at Grasslands that processed my order so quickly. Just by showing a cheaper price my total went down to $98!

I had coupons for every participating Kotex product I bought, making all my Lindt chocolate free! (Always be on the look out for these in store coupons at London Drugs.) Then I had a $5 voucher thanks to their loyalty program, London Drugs Extras! You collect 10 points for every $1 spent and earn a $5 voucher on your birthday with a lengthy expiry date. My final total was $91.35.

I then uploaded my receipt on the Checkout 51 app and redeemed offers for a total of $27.50 cash back! Checkout 51 is a free cash back app that releases weekly offers every Thursday morning. All you have to do is upload your receipt to redeem the offers. Once you hit $20 you get a cheque in the mail.

My final cost for all items:

$63.85 taxes in for 35 items; that’s under a toonie for each product! I hope you can use the knowledge you gained today to help you and your family!

Happy Savings!








Numerical Breakdown:
  • U by Kotex
    • Price match to Shoppers Drug Mart: $3.49 x 6 = $20.94
    • Claimed $4.50 on Checkout 51 for every 2 U by Kotex product purchased = $7.44 for all 6 pads!
  • Lindt chocolate bars
    • $2.79 x 6 = $16.74
    • Used free product coupon for each Kotex product purchased = $0
  • Colgate toothbrushes
    • Price match to No Frills $1 each: $1 x 6 = $6 for all
  • Irish Spring soap and body wash
    • Price match to Rexall: $4.49 x 5 = $22.45
    • Claimed $3 on Checkout 51 for every 2 Irish Spring body wash purchased = $19.45 for all 5
  • Degree Deodorant
    • Price match to Your Independent Grocer for $2.99: $2.99 x 6 = $17.96
    • Claimed $2.50 cash back on Checkout 51 for every 3 Degree products purchased = $12.96 for all 6 deodorant
  • Dove body wash and bar soap
    • All price match to $3.88 with Real Canadian Superstore: $3.88 x 6 = $ $23.28
    • Claimed $3 cash back for every 3 purchased on Checkout 51 = $17.28 for all 6!


Written by @The_CouponBae



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