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August 25, 2022

I am glad how quickly this spot came together as this is our first year that my son will officially have his own homeschool room. In the past we only had a designated shared space. Although I have a feeling we will still sometimes end up on the living room couch, kitchen table, and not to mention our many trips, activities and nature walks. I am still thankful to have this extra room in our home now available.

So whether your children are homeschooling, remote learning or you’re wanting to set up an area to promote learning and study, I hope reading this blog will encourage and help you! To start out, your room doesn’t need to be Pinterest-perfect, nor does it even have to be a room! It could be a special space in your home that encourages an atmosphere that functions well with your family. In my home, I prefer a minimal and organized set up that’s cozy and comfortable.

So here was my homeschool haul for my finishing touches to his room and—how convenient—I got it ALL AT GRASSLANDS!

Purchase #1

My first task was to find a new chair that would be comfortable and suit my son’s size for completing his work and goals. He had a growth spurt over the summer so we went shopping for a chair that can adjust, so if he gets taller, I won’t have to keep buying. We fell in love with one we came across at Winners for only $99.99! It’s a spinning chair too!
Tip: Shopping in an area that has a diverse selection of stores can save you money on gas and time. Grasslands has so much to offer from furniture, clothing, groceries, and more to help you check off that back to school shopping list with ease.


Purchase #2

I taught my son how to read time fluently by the end of last year, so now here’s to hoping I can teach him how to MANAGE time this year with the help of this small desk clock for $14.97 at Walmart. We also purchased cushions and a bean bag chair for his reading nook, for comfort and style!
We had so much fun picking things out together; some say you save more money shopping without kids in tow, but where is the fun in that?!!


Purchase #3

Marshalls had a great summer clear out event and I snagged some jaw dropping deals! I bought the spinning seven-compartment tray for $5, perfect to store all his crayons, pens, and more from last year. I really try to encourage the “take care of your things and they will last longer” rule—but hey, kids will be kids, so I’m thankful I had a small stock of school supplies from past clearances to replenish his desk.
Tip: I keep an eye out mid to end of September when school supplies go on clearance and store it for next year. You’ll already have an idea of what your kids use during a school year; this will save you time and money for next year. Also, if you have extra, you can also donate. Grasslands is accepting donations of new or gently used backpacks and school supplies from 6am to 6pm on August 26th at The Landing.



Written by @The_CouponBae


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