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The September Survival Guide From A Teacher’s View

The September Survival Guide From A Teacher’s View


Wednesday, September 22

It’s the most busiest tiiiime of the year . . . I hope you read that in the tune of the Christmas song. Despite that statement being grammatically incorrect . . . it is in fact very true!

September, and its autumnal glory, has arrived. Fall is a season of change and of course the month of September often brings about a lot of new changes.

Whether you’re a teacher, like me, a parent, or a student yourself, September’s back to school frenzy is full of newness. New schools. New classes. New schedules. New sporting events. New routines. It can be a lot to manage. I am feeling all of this right now. Prepping to teach my new classes. Meeting new students. Getting into a new routine in my own classroom. But now with my little one in school, it’s all that times two along with helping her feel prepared in her new school. Meeting new friends. Finding her new routine. While also making sure her backpack is filled, making, and packing lunches and making sure she is dressed for the ever-changing weather. Is it fall? Are we in summer part two? I never know. Bottom line . . . .it’s a busy time of until year we get into that groove and a solid routine.

So of course, managing all of this can be challenging at times. It’s important that in all of the busy-ness we are taking care of our families, of ourselves and also our health! So from this busy mama and teacher to you, I’ve put together some September survival tips in hopes to help manage and ease some of the stress brought on by this demanding month.


September Survival Tips

Get organized

I’m an organized person but the times when things are disorganized or rushed, is when the chaos hits. To keep our schedules straight we invested in a weekly planner white board, which has been such a big help. We can all see it. We all know what’s on the go and for who. We found ours at Winners, so you know it’s super cute too!


End the mealtime guess work

Meal planning will change your life. Now, this one is kind of new to me so I am no expert on this topic but I’m learning. As a busy teacher, I would often just throw quick things in my bag to get me through the day. Not the greatest habit, I know. But now that my daughter needs a lunch for school every day it has really made me change my old routine for a better (and healthier) one. We picked up some bento boxes, snack bags and fridge containers from Bed, Bath and Beyond to help us keep meal time organized.


What’s up, Doc?

Time to book those check-ups! Back to school time is when I book our checkup appointments, particularly our eye appointments. Yes, it’s one more thing to add to the to-do list but it’s usually quick and painless and then we’re set for the year. We go to FYidoctors for our eye exams. They’re always so great there, especially with the little ones and if you’re in need of new eyewear their selection is amazing. They also have an exclusive offer for kids and students right now!


Take care of YOU!

I know you’re busy but it is so important to make sure that you make some time for yourself, however that may look for you. Do something that makes you feel refreshed and brings you some joy. I like to move my body so taking my dog for a walk through the Grasslands paths or going for a run is always a great way to clear my mind. I get outside and just get to do something for myself. I’m planning on giving yoga a try this year too at Quan’s Hot Yoga. A time to focus on breathing and relaxation sounds like the perfect way to de-stress.


Don’t forget about date night

Spending time with our partners or pals is also so important for our wellbeing. So make plans for a night out. Treat yourself to a night off cooking and go and enjoy the conversation, the food, the ambience. There may even be a few more patio nights ahead at The Canadian Brewhouse or Lancaster’s before the cool weather sets in.


Embrace play!

With busy family schedules, this one sometimes gets forgotten. We all need time to just have fun. Unstructured. Unscheduled. Just simple fun. Let the kids burn off some energy at a park and join them. Find time as a family away from the tasks, the homework, housework, practices, schedules, time away from it all to just have fun together. Laughing together, playing together, being together in this moment of joy is really the only survival tip we need sometimes.



Written by Mal Schmitz

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